Musical Spaces

by Juliana

Photo from

Anyone who plays an instrument usually appreciates its beauty as a physical object, but this amazing photo takes us inside the incredible craftsmanship of a string instrument – literally to the place where all the magic happens. I’ve been revisiting the Thomas Tallis Lamentations; something about this awkward place between the end of bleak winter and the start of spring’s ridiculous optimism always sends me to the peace of some Renaissance singing.

And maybe it’s just because it has been on my mind, but I can’t help imagining the Lamentations reverberating around the inside of this wooden instrument, like some stolen sacred space, so far from reality. Maybe it’s the way the light shines down in the photo that suggests all things miraculous. Either way, take the pill, go down the rabbit hole with Alice, and check out some more of these amazing pictures here.  And thanks to the Berlin Philharmonic for an ad campaign with style.