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Playing Music – Better Than Vitamins

There has been a lot of press lately about studies like the Harmony Project and the impact of music on our brains. In the face of repeated funding cuts, we are finally finding fuel to argue for music’s importance in the schools that goes beyond providing job security for classical musicians and big-shot conductors. Yes, […]

Tor Aulin, Emil Sjögren; what were you all just talking about?

I’m sitting here in a mundane little room surrounded by shelves and shelves of archival material. It’s strange to think that what looks like bland piles of paper are actually the remnants of someone’s assuredly colorful life. And these remnants are so small and unimportant looking… I am struck by the notion, as I peer […]

Lomax Collection Goes Digital

Great news for my friends in the ethno field, (and all of who care about great American music history): “The folklorist and ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax was a prodigious collector of traditional music from all over the world and a tireless missionary for that cause. Long before the Internet existed, he envisioned a “global jukebox” to […]